Holotype:A single specimen (except in the case of a hapantotype) designated or otherwise fixed as the name-bearing type of a nominal species or subspecies when the nominal taxon is established.
Paratype:Each specimen of a type series other than the holotype.
Neotype:A single specimen later selected to serve as the single type specimen when an original holotype has been lost or destroyed, or where the original author never cited a specimen.
Syntype:Any of two or more specimens listed in a species description where a holotype was not designated. The syntypes collectively constitute the name-bearing type.
Lectotype:A syntype designated as the single name-bearing type specimen subsequent to the establishment of a nominal species or subspecies.
Paralectotype:Each specimen of a former syntype series remaining after the designation of a lectotype.
Allotype:A term , not regulated by the ICZN, for a designated specimen of opposite sex to the holotype.
Topotype:A term, not regulated by the ICZN, for a specimen originating from the type locality of the species or subspecies to which it is thought to belong, whether or not the specimen is part of the type series.