‚óŹRemarks on chironomid types
The present database contains images of about 1000 primary types of Chironomidae housed in the National Museum of Nature and Science Tokyo. All the holotypes and lectotypes currently represented in the museum are included, but only one syntype was selected and included here when two or more syntypes are available for each taxon.

Almost all the type material included in this database belonged to the collection of the late Dr. Manabu Sasa. The collection was transferred from the National Institute for Environmental Studies to the National Museum of Nature and Science in 2003. The River Environment Fund from the Foundation of River and Watershed Environment Management, Japan, through the Taxonomists Association for Freshwater Animals (Representative: A. Ohtaka) financially supported the cleaning and transport of the specimens.

The information contained in this database was compiled and edited by T. Kobayashi and A. Shinohara.